Life Update + Logo Design Speed Draw

Its 18 days until I get married!! Time is just flying by, but I can’t wait!

Its been a busy, busy time, trying to get all my work finished so I can go on work/stress free honeymoon. It’ll probably be the longest I’ve ever been away from my laptop! However, as much as I am looking forward to going away, I am so psyched for the next few projects I’ll be working on in April! I’ve got at least 2 websites lined up, (a photographers, and a marketing agency) plus – and fingers crossed here – possibly our biggest project yet. Its a slightly scary, but such an exciting time. Part of me wonders how the hell I’m going to cope with all of this, but the rest of me is like “Yes!!! More work!!! Bring it on!!”

There are also some exciting plans in the works for the content 45°DESIGN will be offering. Hopefully we will soon start filming some really cool tutorials with Adobe Premiere and Illustrator tips.

Anyways, here is a quick ‘lil logo speed design. Far from the final draft, but its a good enough point to work from 🙂


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