How to keep New Year’s Resolutions.

So often, we make grand, optimistic, over-the-top resolutions at the start of each year. Unfortunately, these often fail a few months (or weeks) into that year. 

While I agree that “New Years Resolutions” are a cliche and we should be continually striving to improve ourselves, the beginning of a year can be a great time to set some realistic personal and business goals.

Making goals is very easy. We all probably have things in our lives that we would like to be better at. Going to the gym more often, decluttering, organising ‘that’ cupboard, etc…

Sticking to and achieving those goals…little bit more complicated. While I am certainly no expert at this, these are a couple tips that helped me reach some of my goals last year.

1. Be realistic. 

For every goal you set, think: “How many times do I need to do this in a year, and is this practical?” 

For example, I may want to grow my social media following and decide that I should post 6 times a week. That is 312 posts. This is where I would need to carefully consider if creating and posting that amount of content will fit into my schedule. 


2. Plan!

Its the journey that gets you to the destination. To reach our goals we need to create a concrete plan that we can stick to. 

Continuing with the social media example, if I want to post good quality content, I will need to set aside time to create it. I find monthly is generally a good guideline. So, I need to setup, plan, and create my months content, then I can schedule it accordingly. Having the content set up and ready for a whole month takes a lot of pressure off. 


3. Keep yourself accountable.

This doesn’t mean telling your whole office every detail of each of your goals. But finding a friend who also has a few resolutions they’d like to work on helps! Also I find that simply writing down my resolutions and putting them in a visible place can help me stay mindful of them. Another good option is to set a reminder on your calendar, or use an app (HabitBull is awesome!)


4. Consistency is key.

Setting goals and reaching them is hard work. However, the more you do something, the easier it gets. Just remember that forming good habits will take time, and change isn’t going to happen overnight. But consistently doing something – even if its small – to work towards your goal (like only posting 3 times a week instead of 6) will make a big difference in the long run.


5. Remember why you set your goal!

Write down why you want to improve. If you’re feeling discouraged, pull it out ,read it, and write down any more reasons you can think of. Chat to a friend about it. If you feel your goal isn’t practical anymore, adjust it accordingly.


I hope you found these helpful! If you have any tips ‘n tricks you use, drop them in the comments!

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